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In today’s internet landscape, having a website is as important as having a storefront. It is the 24/7 salesperson that help retain old customers and help gain new leads. Having a poorly designed and slow-loading website is equivalent to creating a bad-reputation for your business.

90% of people on Instagram follow a business.

4.26 billion people were using social media worldwide. As social media marketers we take advantage of this fact and use platforms like Instagram, Facebook to create brand awareness to highly-specific audiences. Today’s generation needs engagement, they need to relate themselves with your brand, they need to follow the trends on social media which is why, a brand needs to be active with its community. This engagement builds brand loyalty and awareness which results in more paying customers. Our Social Media Marketing Calgary has proven time and again that:

More Engagment = More Customers

Calgary Social Media Marketing impacts

Regular Hurdles to Social Media Marketing


Especially small-business owners have to manage all aspects of the business, they don’t really have the time to create social media marketing strategies.

Creating engaging content on social media sometimes requires graphic editing skills, video editing skills and sometimes structured content-writing skills which business-owners sometimes don’t have time to learn.

Analyzing data from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram requires some basic understanding of Marketing fundamentals, which might not easily make sense to someone from another industry.

How we Help your social media campaign

You can leave the hard work for our certified professionals. At 7 Sides Multimedia & Marketing, we first align ourselves with the client’s business goals, research our audience, build customer personas (demographics, what platforms they use, what type of media they interact with), align marketing objectives with business goals and then finally execute our campaign. After posting, we make sure our strategies are actually working by analyzing feedback data. If there are hurdles, we adapt accordingly. Following are some of our specialties.

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