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Calgary SEO Services for Small Businesses

What is SEO?

These days having a website is not enough. There needs to be a way to get that website to your target customers. 

Just 0.83% of Clicks go to Websites on Page 2 of Google

SEO is a set of practices to improve the organic search ranking of a website. These set of practices might include creating quality content, including keywords in meta tags, title tags, page content, creating backlinks to your pages etcetera. When a user searches for a product, there are 2 major types of results – Organic results, Paid ADs. Even though Paid Google Ads can increase your online visibility in a short amount of time which can lead to quicker conversions, they are less effective in creating a long-term reputation for you business. This is because 70-80% of all searchers ignore paid ads and focus on organic results only.

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What's the benefit of SEO for my Local Business?

In cities like Calgary, Edmonton, Airdrie and surrounding areas people are constantly searching for local businesses. If your business online profile has been optimized for local SEO and you have a well-designed website you will get the following benefits:

Increased Brand Awareness and loyalty

Higher ranking on Google means more clicks which translate to more leads and more conversions. More online visibility also contributes to repeat customers because they slowly start trusting your brand as they encounter your SEO optimized content, blogs, Social Media Posts etcetera.

More Leads and more conversions

If your website starts ranking higher, with quality content and correct local SEO practices it will generate higher CTRs (Click-thru-rates) which will translate to more leads and more potential conversions to customers.

Calgary SEO - How we do it

At 7 Sides Multimedia & Marketing, we believe there is no one-size-fit-all approach to SEO. We start off by researching your business niche, your potential competitors and their strategies. Then filter out the marketing strategies that we think will best support your goals and will create best ROI. Our Calgary SEO marketing strategies are unique to your business and your website. Below are some strategies that we incorporate will optimizing your business.

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