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Are you stuck on “Why does my business need a website“? Or maybe you just don’t think its worth the money. This article will surely help you to make up your mind 😇.

Well, it is no secret that having an online presence can have a massive impact on your business sales and brand awareness.

Nearly half of Google searches are for local businesses. And 72% of those searchers visited a local store afterwards

We gathered the following 5 best reasons why your business needs a website (a good website) right away.

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1. Make people trust your name

Build credibility with a professional website

In addition to word-of-mouth, having a website for your business is most important factor that shapes people’s perception of your business. The better your business perception is, the more clicks and customers you will get online.

75% of people believe that their first impression of any business comes from its website. Its no secret, all businesses – big or small – are finding that their websites can be an incredible tool to build their brand. If your business has no website, you’re probably missing out on potential customers while your competitors increase their brand recognition and online sales.

Small business credibility stats

2. Reach your target customers (24/7)

There’s a popular saying in the tech industry, “A Website is your 24/7 salesperson. 86% of consumers rely on the internet to find local business. Having a professional website for your small business that showcases your value and has good SEO-strategies will show high in google-rankings and can boost your online customer base quite rapidly.

Traditional customer outreach strategies might still work, but having a website is like sales pitching on cruise-control. If a business has no website, your potential customers might not even look your way EVEN if your business provides great services.

3. Save your time + Improved customer service

Reduce response time to customers + Filter out non-commercial inquries

How many times have you been called by a potential customer, but you missed that call. Maybe, you got too many calls about things your website could have easily answered like product information, locations or business hours.

Having a website with this information and features like live-chat can reduce the number of non-commercial calls and in-turn increase the number of satisfied and impressed customers.

Live chat on website stats showing why websites benefit small business

4. Landing page for digital marketing

If your intent to increase your revenue and customer base via digital marketing and social media, you’ll likely want to drive traffic to your website or landing page for that. This is because digital marketing and website are 2 pieces of the same puzzle. Below image shows how social media and website have their own role in converting a lead into a customer.

Notice how social media and ADs are part of the Discovery phase and websites are part of Interest, Confirmation and Conversion phases of a marketing funnel. Please this is a generic funnel, however your business may have a specialized version with more or less stages.

Digital marketing is a tool for getting your customer interested in you, but a website has the actual product information, your business values and all the features necessary to convert a lead into a customer.


5. Great way to provide updates and deals

Your customers never know how great you are unless you tell them

What’s more frustrating than people calling your business or coming to your store and finding out its closed due to some special circumstances. Maybe you have a seasonal sale, and your potential customers have no way of knowing it unless you call them, or they visit your store in-person.

If your business – big or small- has a website, it is easy to post updates and deals that remain there 24/7 and you can inform all your customers without them reaching out. Pretty good, huh?


Cost of a website depends upon some factors. Majorly it depends upon number of pages, features like blogs or e-commerce functionality etc. A basic service business website with basic pages like home, about, contact us, services might cost around $1500 and addons like blogs cost around $200 setup + 2 articles. For more info & discounts contact us for prices.

You can create your own website if you wanted, contact us for more resources. However we would suggest to use a more professional service for 2 reasons:

  1.  Creating your own website requires a huge time investment, and taking your focus off providing get business services
  2. Just creating a website isn’t enough, it also requires maintenance, backups and SEO upgrades since google updates its algorithm almost everyday.

Here at 7 Sides Marketing, we have a team of SEO and Calgary Website Design professionals who are ready to take your website to the next level and provide periodic updates to it.

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